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Thomas DALTON.Thomas married Maria BIGLIN on 18 Nov 1811.

Maria BIGLIN [Parents].Maria married Thomas DALTON on 18 Nov 1811.

[..] STRAKER.[..] married Anne BIGLIN in 1814.

Anne BIGLIN [Parents].Anne married [..] STRAKER in 1814.

William BIGLIN [Parents].William married [..] WEST on 13 Nov 1814.

Other marriages:
COOPER, Elizabeth

[..] WEST [Parents] was born about 1781. She died in 1819. She married William BIGLIN on 13 Nov 1814.

William BIGLIN [Parents].William married Elizabeth COOPER on 12 Oct 1820.

Other marriages:
WEST, [..]

Elizabeth COOPER.Elizabeth married William BIGLIN on 12 Oct 1820.

John WEST.

He had the following children:

  F i [..] WEST was born about 1781. She died in 1819.

[..] STEPHENSON.[..] married Harriett RICHARDSON.

Harriett RICHARDSON [Parents].Harriett married [..] STEPHENSON.

Joseph RICHARDSON [Parents].Joseph married [..] SMITHSON.

[..] SMITHSON.[..] married Joseph RICHARDSON.

William HILL was born about 1791. He died on 14 Aug 1840 in Hull, Yks. He married Anne RICHARDSON on 26 Jul 1824.

Anne RICHARDSON [Parents].Anne married William HILL on 26 Jul 1824.

They had the following children:

  F i Harriett HILL was born about 1826.

[..] GRANT.[..] married Hannah RICHARDSON on 10 Nov 1823.

Hannah RICHARDSON [Parents] died in Oct 1827. She married [..] GRANT on 10 Nov 1823.

Robert MARR was born about 1821. He died in 1880 in New York, Ny, USA. He married Harriett HILL.

Harriett HILL [Parents] was born about 1826 in England. She married Robert MARR.

They had the following children:

  F i Harriett MARR was born about 1848 in England.
  F ii Helen MARR was born about 1857. She died about 1887.

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