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Alfred James MARCHANT [Parents] was born on 16 Nov 1893. He was christened on 13 Jan 1894 in St Pauls, Deptford, Ken. He married Lydia HAROLD.

Lydia HAROLD.Lydia married Alfred James MARCHANT.

Walter MARCHANT [Parents].Walter married Mary [..].

Mary [..].Mary married Walter MARCHANT.

George Frederick MARCHANT [Parents] was born on 15 Jul in Deptford, Ken. He married May Flore ZINZAN.

May Flore ZINZAN.May married George Frederick MARCHANT.

Charles James MARCHANT [Parents] was born in 1876 in Greenwich, Ken. He died in 1942. He married Elizabeth J. THOMAS.

Elizabeth J. THOMAS.Elizabeth married Charles James MARCHANT.

They had the following children:

  M i Charles G. E. MARCHANT was born in 1906 in Poplar. He died in 1967.
  F ii Violet L. MARCHANT was born in 1907 in Poplar.
  F iii Eva Helen MARCHANT was born in 1909. She died in 1972.
  M iv Arthur H. MARCHANT was born in 1911 in Renfrew. He died in 1974.
  F v Beatrice M. MARCHANT was born in 1917 in Renfrew. She died in 1918.
  M vi Harry MARCHANT was born in 1919 in Glasgow.

Donald MULLINER.Donald married Eva Helen MARCHANT.

Eva Helen MARCHANT [Parents] was born in 1909 in Glasgow. She died in 1972. She married Donald MULLINER.

William MILES.William married Thomasin GOUGE on 7 Aug 1749 in Borden, Ken.

Thomasin GOUGE [Parents] was christened on 27 Oct 1723 in Bredgar, Ken. She married William MILES on 7 Aug 1749 in Borden, Ken.

Samuel GOUGE [Parents] was born in 1839 in Milton, Ken. He married Elizabeth T. [..].

Elizabeth T. [..] was born about 1849 in Milton, Ken. She married Samuel GOUGE.

They had the following children:

  M i Sidney T. GOUGE was born about 1864 in Milton, Ken.
  F ii Amy E. GOUGE was born about 1866 in Milton, Ken.
  M iii Henry R. GOUGE was born about 1867.
  F iv Mary A. GOUGE was born about 1869 in Milton, Ken.
  M v Edward GOUGE was born about 1874.
  M vi Frederick GOUGE was born about 1874 in Milton, Ken.
  M vii George GOUGE was born about 1876 in Milton, Ken.
  F viii Elizabeth GOUGE was born about 1878 in Milton, Ken.
  M ix William GOUGE was born about 1880 in Milton, Ken.

Hudson BLASHILL [Parents] was born in 1841. He died on 20 May 1918. He was buried on 23 May 1918 in Sutton, East Riding, Yorkshire. He married Elizabeth WATSON in 1868 in York, North Riding, Yorkshire.

Other marriages:
LEE, Blanche

Elizabeth WATSON was born about 1839. She died on 27 Aug 1881. She was buried on 29 Aug 1881 in Sutton, East Riding, Yorkshire. She married Hudson BLASHILL in 1868 in York, North Riding, Yorkshire.

Edward GOUGE [Parents] was born about 1874 in Milton, Ken.

He had the following children:

  F i Winifred GOUGE.

Samuel BLASHILL [Parents] was christened on 8 Dec 1833 in Sutton, East Riding, Yorkshire. He died in 1902. He married Jane PIERCY on 21 Dec 1865.

Other marriages:

Jane PIERCY was born about 1834 in Thorpe Basset, Yorkshire. She died in 1898. She married Samuel BLASHILL on 21 Dec 1865.

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